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On August 14th I went to Mxpx and Yellowcard concert in Milan. Somebody in these pics may probably look familiar to you.

Yashica zoomate 80 and Fujifilm superia 200.


Cellio, July 27th 2012.
Pornoriviste show: it felt like being sixteen again. Pictures suck and maybe you won’t understand a shit, but it was an awesome night.

Yashica zoomate 80 and Fujifilm superia 200.

Skateboarding’ s Finest Spring / Summer LookBook 2010

Po’s navigation boat, clothes and sushi.

These shots were taken during a morning spent with my friend Chime to shoot some pictures for the SF spring/summer LookBook 2010.
Lomo mini diana and fujifilm x-tra 800.

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Last Easter Monday

These are some shots taken during last Easter Monday! A special greeting to: Bussi, Isma and Paolino!

Yashica FX-3 and ilford 400, Lomo mini diana and fujifilm x-tra 800.

My birthday

Mexican food, tequila, wigs, finally bimber appears on our blog, fake ears, real ears, merdury, cocktails, kodak disposable, kicked by a moroccan, tempera, chupito, my pupa, casta, gay bar, beers, a few seconds of table football, people who used to sleep with one eye open, chatroulette and more..

Some shots taken during Nardo’s birthday and mine in turin. There would be many things to say, but nobody remember them..

Kodak disposable and Lomo mini diana (a gift from ila)!